Monday, March 27, 2017

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Gold (for purify the skin) & egf ( restore skin cells) ingredients pearl has a high level of amino acids and minerals to help a circumcision and gold ingredients purifies skin and helps to keep the bright tone. Highly dense essence, green tea, wormwood, citron, cucumber, grapefruit seed and other various of plants are condensed in this essence to provide a moisture and nutrition deep into the skin which helps to improve the skin around the eyes area. Mist type out of natural gal ingredients can be used for body care after melt it with a warm water.

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Best Morning TV Show Pranks

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Look for this superhero to play nice guy when out doing press with his ex for their new movie. He hates bad publicity. He is even holding off on showing off the new woman in his life for fear of ticking off his ex who would have no shame in spilling secrets. Chris Evans/Jenny Slate ("Gifted")  via

There is a guy in her life other than her husband so everyone wants to know if this B+ list mostly movie actress is pregnant, is it the other guy or the A list actor husband who is the father? Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck  via

This country singer has had a long career. She is trying to spin some kind of nonsense about aging gracefully and not using botox or fillers. Please. She has spent tens of thousands of dollars on all types of procedures and is only taking a break because she her doctors warned her to take a break. Faith Hill  via

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