Sunday, October 19, 2014

This famous actor has had a stellar career both in film and television. He recently had an "amicable" break up with his significant other. The breakup wasn’t as amicable as he wants you to believe it was, and it’s going to cost him a fair bit of pocket change to pretend it was. In fact, he will be giving his ex-SO over $1 million, paid in timely installments, as a parting gift. It may sound generous… but private health care and silence are both quite expensive nowadays.
Actor: Charlie Sheen
Ex-Significant Other: Brett Rossi
(rumors that Charlie is HIV)  via

#1 - Kindness- This married A list mostly movie actress has not worked as much recently since she won an Academy Award. This weekend though she saved this former B list talk show host turned probably failed reality star. Nothing life saving, but the former reality star got caught up in donating at an event and realized she did not have that kind of money and told the A lister who stepped up and covered the amount so the reality star would not lose face. It was just under $50K. Natalie Portman/Maria Menounos "Los Angeles Children's Hospital Gala"
#2- This former B list mostly movie actress turned failed actress turned I got a lucky break and am famous again because of a cult hit had a morning interview the other day and explained her coke use in the dressing room as the only way she could ever be up that early. Tara Reid "Sharknado"
#3- This B list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition who does other things on the side threw a fit the other day when a class was canceled and combined with the exercise class she attends. She said she didn't want anyone within ten feet of her because she thought they would take photos which caused everyone else to be on top of each other and all hate her. Jessica Alba  via

This B+ list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show was celebrating the other night with a co-star when the bar cut off our actor. He took out his revenge by throwing a glass at a huge mirror and breaking it. The owner was going to call the police but the co-star whipped out $5K in cash and bought off the owner. Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead") at Paleyfest  via

I heard this week that the beneficiary of the life insurance policy finally got paid for the death of this actor. The actor, probably B- at the very most worked a lot and was on a hit show at the time of his death. The people closest to him, the people he should have been able to trust are the ones who conspired to make everything look like a suicide. They are the ones who encourage him to get a life insurance policy. They are the ones who made it very large and also knew when suicide would not nullify the policy. They made sure that there was no one else to talk to. They kept him isolated from other people and friends. They talked him into breaking up with a girlfriend. They wanted no one for any authority figure to speak to except for themselves. It was carefully planned and meticulously executed. Now, they finally got paid for all of it. Lee Thompson Young "Rizzoli & Isles"  via

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