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Sunday, November 23, 2014


#1 – Apparently the wife of this former A+ list mostly television actor who played the same role for a couple of decades found out about the almost $1M home he bought for his eldest daughter. The new wife was ticked. Really ticked because he didn’t give similar gifts to their kids and wouldn’t let him out of the house for a very important event. Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Greer named "Miss Golden Globes 2015"
#2 – This former A+ list singer turned barely hanging on to A and maybe at a B will be filing bankruptcy in the next few weeks. She literally has no money left and her lawyers have not been paid and she needs to go on tour for about two years to get back on track. Lady Gaga
#3 – This foreign born B- list mostly movie actor who is also an author and comedian and radio host had sex with a woman who has been calling and writing him for almost a year begging to have sex with the B- lister. He even let her spend the day with him. Russell Brand
#4 – This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner is going to be ticked off when she finds out her bff is sleeping with a guy to get him to finance a project. Our still married A lister has been working that angle for a long time but the guy apparently likes the bff way way more. Gwyneth Paltrow/Tracy Anderson

These two closeted actors are less than thrilled that they are seen groping other guys and being groped in a new film. One of the actors is the over the top heterosexual mainstay of a long running franchise. The other is a former and current Disney star who is having a little career rejuvenation the past year.
"Open Secret" documentary about Hollywood pedophiles

Heterosexual: Seann William Scott "American Pie"
Disney star: Ben Savage "Boy Meets World"

This openly gay mogul was talked into being orally serviced by this former A+ list mostly movie actress who is still an A lister and will be for a long time with her name and acting and tabloid history. She told him that she was so good it would be the best he ever had. No word on how good it was, but word is she got a part in his biggest show for next season. Ryan Murphy/Demi Moore  via

We told you that the photos of this kissing couple were misleading. Now we’re ready to spill the details! This couple is FAKE. The reason it is fake is because the male half of this pair is a friend of Dorothy’s. That’s right. He is gay! A little background for you: He has known that he is gay for many years now, but he has not had a serious boyfriend yet. Both of his parents are celebrities in their own right. He came out to his mother first. She is a fairly open-minded person and was cool about it. Then he came out to his father… and the father was NOT cool with it! In fact, he was pretty much of a macho jerk about the whole thing. The whole experience of having his father reject him was crushing for the boy and the two practically stopped speaking after that. Do you remember when the son started using his mother’s last name? Many speculated that it was because he was mad at his father for cheating on his mother. No. While he was upset about his father’s infidelity the main reason he started using his mother’s name is because his father rejected him for being gay. So that bring us to today. His parents, sibling/s, and close friends know that he is gay but they are not pushing him to come out. He desperately wants his father to fully accept him for who he is. Father and son are speaking again but it is still a little tense between them. The father is making strides in accepting his son’s sexual preference but is not totally there yet. And what’s the girl doing there? She’s just using the boy for the publicity. No big surprise there.
Boy: Patrick Schwarzenegger
Girl: Miley Cyrus
Mother: Maria Shriver
Father: Arnold Schwarzenegger  via

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