Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Having an Oops moment

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Anonymous said...


you asked to join Entrecard Lifetime Drops list from my blog. Requirement is to put link back to home page http://webomatik.blogspot.com on your sidebar. You can use anchor text: "web is out playground". I'll check tomorrow and start with drops.


Dirty Laundry Diva said...

Wow, that is an oops moment for sure! I have had days like that, sadly...

Anonymous said...

Great picture!Thanks for the daily smile.

GwynnsGifts said...

I can totally relate to that. I don't dip my mouse but when I am painting and I have a drink next to me I have been known to clean my brush in the wrong cup. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


this photo really makes me to laugh out loud!!!

Thanks Amy.

You rock!

Anonymous said...

hi again,

your blog is listed now, thanks.
You can put "Lifetime Drops" banner just below Entrecard widget, you don't need separate sidebar field. This banner is not a requirement, but text link to home page http://webomatik.blogspot.com, as I said earlier you can use "The web is our playground" or just "Webomatik", maybe in your 'my blog list'?

Anyway, thanks for joining and you can delete both my comments on this post.


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