Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oops.. Cops have no sense of humor

When playing a practical joke, it’s not a good idea to douse your shirt with ketchup, pretend to be shot and have a fleet of police officers rush to your aid.

Brandon Garced, 19, is now facing charges after seven Bethlehem police officers went racing to a home Saturday after a frantic 911 call that a man had been shot and the shooter was still inside.

Officers surrounded the home at 1311 Hilton St. with weapons drawn and found Garced inside with ketchup on his shirt, yelling that it was all a joke, police said.

Garced is now charged with raising a false alarm, disorderly conduct and criminal conspiracy. He said little as he was arraigned Wednesday morning before District Judge Patricia Romig-Passaro and is free on $2,500 unsecured bail…
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Florida 5708 said...

what a great story to tell his kids!

Mike Golch said...

great story on how not to be a Jerk!
He's lucky that he did not fall on some invisible stairs.

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