Monday, November 10, 2008

Aw Crap. 7 things

Thanks To Bunky over at Tacky Raccons i got tagged with a 7 things meme..

so 7 things you dont know about me...

1. I love the twillight series! cant wait for the movie to come out

2. I used to be a clown.

3. favorite color is green

4. On my naval orders, my only request was to be stationed where there was no snow. IT worked.. lived in hawaii

5. I cant miss the tv shows house and ghost hunters

6. i am a musical junkie

7. I love old school metallica with Jason Newstead.

Now to tag 7 people.. Wanna Smile. Tommy Buetnner Baseball, Benny at Yattitude, Fl5708, ChatBlanch at Wits Bitch, Dan Brantley at using Humor and static

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Anonymous said...

Promise I prolly won't do it again.
Happy Veterans' Day!


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