Thursday, December 11, 2008


Over at the Humor Bloggers group, we swapped names for a secret Santa gift exchange. I got Chris Wood.
I was thinking of getting him this Shakesphere doll, But figured since he his English he probably allready has one.

Li'l William Shakespeare
The history of literature is filled with a fascinating range of personalities. And behind every fascinating personality there is usually an intriguing story. Each of these 2-3/4" tall posable plastic figures comes with a collectable, twelve page, mini color comic book chronicling William's crazy adventures!

Or Maybe he might need a band aid. I know I can never find any when i need any..

Enchanted Unicorn Bandages
With the magical healing power of these Enchanted Unicorn Bandages, even your ouchiest owies will heal up in no time! Each 3-3/4" tall metal tin contains fifteen 3" x 1" latex-free, vinyl, adhesive bandages with sterile gauze and a FREE TOY to take your mind off of the excruciating pain.

But then Again, this looks like it might be fun and provide mind numbing entertainment.

Remote Control, Hopping, Yodelling Lederhosen
It's the next generation of novelty lederhosen! Each 6-1/4" tall, plastic pair of Bavarian trousers is activated by infrared remote control technology. Just press the button on the 4-1/2" long, plastic knockwurst and watch in joyous astonishment as the lederhosen hops around and sings a merry little yodel.

But Chris

No you are not so lucky, Since this is Santa Sucks Gift Swap.. I am not getting you a this one of a kind hand made doll, made to look like you..

Or this
Gift certificate to your favorite phone sex operator, you keep talking about..

So Hope you have a good Christmas


Unknown said...

LOL...great gifts...stoppin by from SSCSI to see if you had my name

Anndi said...

Who wouldn't want dancing lederhosen activated by a giant sausage?
What if the phone sex operator looks like that doll?

Kelly Ann said...

LOL Awesome!

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy! I was really up for the remote controlled Lederhosen, but the doll that looks (exactly) like me is awesome. Also the $1 bn sexline voucher is appreciated, thank you!

Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Amy, I stumbled this one. Chris is so lucky

AmyOops said...

Glad you like Chris!

Thanks Etta.

Jaime said...

GREAT gifts

AmyOops said...

My gift is here if anyone wants to check it out.

Anonymous said...


Any of those gifts rock. Well, except for the "one of a kind hand made doll, made to look like him" was kinda creepy. No offense Chris!

Practically Joe said...

When I saw the gift certificate to Chris' favorite phone sex operator ... I said to myself ... That AmyOops is thoughtful and practical.
Good Job!

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