Friday, November 13, 2009

I wanna know

In Honor of Friday 13. I would like to know what is your fave horror movie.

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Tamra said...

The one in my head.
You know the one...
Remember the old "Dr Mario" game.
Yeah, well... there is this movie in my head that plays and these little monsters come out of the TV at ya. COME OUT OF THE TV !!!!
Yeah, that scares the livin crap outta me.
Oh, and if I recall right, there is also some kinda marshmellow men too... like in Ghostbusters. Tho, not as big, but More of them !
Yeah, Scarey. Thanks for Playing

KMc said...

my wedding videos

Shaylor said...

As of right now..."Dead Silence"
I have a thing about ventriloquist dummies... that movie put chills all the way down my spine. But as with all horror movies, it is all subjective...what one person finds scary others think is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Though it requires copious amounts of alcohol and/or controlled substances to watch, Bride of the Monster is a classic:

Tattoo Jim said...

Anytime Obama is on the news... that's about all the horror I can stand... next to that "Dawn of the Dead"... a cheesy classic!

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