Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A copy of Pat's navy eval form.. hope he got the promotion

43. COMMENTS ON PERFORMANCE: *All 1.0 marks, three 2.0 marks in Blok 35 must be specifically substantiated in comments. Comments must be verifiable. Font must be 1- or 12 pitch (10 to 12 point) only. Use upper and lower care.

BALLER! Erbody onboard knows Pat don’t play! Superviser 3 dudes, 1 chick with an iron fist.

- LEADER! My man came in this section and was like ‘ah hell haw! I know you ain’t lookin on the internet son! This cat got his section running straight! Ask them dudes what happens if they screw up—paperwork that’s what! BAM! He got these dudes STEPPIN!

- Dudes’ skillz ain’t no joke yall—try 13,000 travel vouchers without one screw up-WHAT?!

- Trained leave web monitors across the base; kicked them dudes in they ass and was like ‘get you shit straight boy!’

- Fights for his troops! I seen Pat punch this cat in the mouth for doggin his troop..in front of ol boy’s girl too!! Morale builder!

- Volunteer! Dude always got some shit goin’ on—erbody’s like DAMN!! Pat doin it again!

- Devised Operation Scared Straight. Pat puts troublemakers in a submission hold for days!

- PLAYA! Pat drove for Sailors Against DruNk Driving and got 3 chicks numbers on one trip.

- My man is in shape. Pat scored 100 on the PRT with a hangover – whole ship was like DAMN!

Anytime some shits gotta get done, Pat will get it done. My man keeps me in awe! I’m not gay but he’s a stud and the total package! If you don’t promote this dude to Chief ahead of all the other cats I’m gonna set your house on fire while your sleeping! Do it NOW!

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