Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Naughty Vs Nice

NICE: Satisfying the fans who come to watch you play golf.
NAUGHTY: In bed.

NICE: Putting a dollar in the kettle.
NAUGHTY: Putting a dollar in the kettle if you just got a $75 million dollar bonus for being CEO of an investment company that went bankrupt and cost lots of people their life savings.

NICE: Insisting that your friend’s performance was so good she should have won an award.
NAUGHTY: Insisting it on national TV, to the person who actually won the award.

NICE: Fake hamsters.

NICE: Going green.
NAUGHTY: Going all “Greener than thou” about it.

NICE: Buying your kid a Wii.
NAUGHTY: Buying your kid all the games that you really like to play to go with it.

NICE: Making your favorite fruitcake for friends.
NAUGHTY: Making them eat it.

NICE: Giving your employees Christmas day off.
NAUGHTY: Giving your employees Christmas day and every day thereafter off without pay.

NICE: Wearing the Santa suit.
NAUGHTY: Without pants.


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