Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How To Look Like An Avatar?


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Brittany Noel Mahoney said...

OKay you are the coolest person ALIVE! I'm so glad you did this because I really want to be an Avatar for this costume party! Fuck, I honestly just want to be one for real but thats impossible. So this is the next best thing! Also I just want you to know that you are HILARIOUS! I love it :) I kinda want to be best friends if thats cool with you... hahaha sorry if that came out creepy i promise I'm not a freak. This is an awesome video. Way to be.

ps those braids are ridiculous! work that up-do!

AmyOops said...

thats not me.. just some video i found. havent even seen the movie yet. heard the bash the marines so dont know if i will.

but thanks

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