Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Olympic Opening Drinking Game

Take a drink:

-When announcers mention the lack of snow in Vancouver

-At any fashion analysis of the Team USA Opening Ceremony uniforms

-At any reference to Miracle or the 1980 US Hockey team

-If any Mounties show up

-When any orphaned athlete from a formerly-Communist country is featured

-Any time the words “Flying Tomato” are said

-Every time Bode Miller looks like he's suffering from oxygen-deprivation

-Any time Sven Kramer (my personal pick for Hottest Olympian of 2010) gets a close up

-At any euphemism for Johnny Weir's sexuality

-When the announcers reference the “intimidating” Beijing Opening Ceremonies

-Whenever someone says “Saskatchewan”

-When Celine Dion pounds her chest

Take a shot:

-At any Tonya Harding reference

-If Shania Twain sings something Canadian

-When someone tries to explain Canada's political system

Chug/finish your drink:

-If Pedobear makes a mascot appearance

-At any reference to the Bobsledding Wardrobe Malfunction

-If Rufus Wainwright is at all involved

-If any polar bears show up

Bonus Olympic Torch Lightning Round!

Take the indicated number of sips should any of the following Canadians be the Official Torch-Lighter (or the Final Torch Bearer? Whatever, you know what I mean. The 2010 Muhammad Ali.)

Thanks Skip

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