Monday, February 15, 2010

which seven darf are you..

Of Course , I would get...

You Are Dopey

That doesn't mean you're a total dope, but it does mean you are sweet and silly - just like Dopey.

You are innocent and playful, but you're a lot smarter than you look. You can be downright wily.

You have a good sense of intuition and often understand what's really going on. You are a keen observer.

Unlike most people, you don't show your hand right away. You keep your cards close to your chest.

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The Shitty Astrologer said...

Great mind think alike! I'm Dopey too...

HxS F4T4L1TY said...

Hmm...I got Dopey as well. Which kind of surprised me, although it shouldn't have. It's very much straight-on in the description. I don't disagree with any of that.

WHOAH, JEEZ! I just had a cat moment. The guy in the office next to me just crinkled some plastic or something and it freaked me out. :-\ What's up with that?!

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