Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love my phone and got a great deal for everyone

Hey ,

Your friend, amy, thinks we’d make a great match. So if you’ve been looking for a new mobile phone, why not swing by virginmobileusa.com and check out what we’ve got to offer.

Get An Hour Of Bonus Airtime When You Join use code ZstLqc6v

Since amy has signed up for Virgin Mobile Kickbacks, you can each pick up 60 minutes of bonus airtime when you join Virgin Mobile. All you have to do is buy a Virgin Mobile phone and enter your friend’s Kickbacks Code – ZstLqc6v – when you activate online.

Then, the first time you add at least $20 to your account, you’ll both get 60 minutes of bonus airtime! Not a bad way to start things off, huh? Well, that’s what friends are for.

We have lots of value-packed plans to choose from – like $49.99 Totally Unlimited Calling with $10 Unlimited Text & Messaging. And with Virgin Mobile, there are No Annual Contracts. That makes it easy to jump on board.

So stop by VirginMobileusa.com and take a look today!

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Virgin Mobile

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