Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anyone going to be in DC on Sunday?

I am looking for someone who is going to be in DC this weekend near Hard Rock Cafe on Sunday. I need some one to run in and get something signed for my daughter. and then mail it to me..

I can send ya an Amyoops bumper sticker and magnets as a thank ya.

shoot me an email if intrested..



Aaron said...

Let me know next time you need something in DC. I live about an hour outside, but I'd be happy to have a reason to head into DC. I still haven't seen the Muppets exhibit in the American History Smithsonian, and something like this would give me a good reason to make the trip. Sorry I missed your post until now.

AmyOops said...

Thanks Aaron. i contacted hard rock cafe and they went out of there way to get what i needed. It was so awesome.

Buy me a cold one..