Sunday, April 1, 2012

celeb whodunit

What's a hottie to do when she wants a pair of shoes that even the most A-list of celebs are on the waiting list for?
Screw the guy who is the celebrity endorser for the company, natch!
At a house party a while back, Salami-Climber ran into the dark and handsome dude who, at the time, was working with the brand that had the goods Carm was lusting after.
And the conversation went a little something like this:
"I'm dying to get those new shoes. How do I get off the wait list?" Salami-Climber asked, batting those pretty eyelashes of hers.
"If you f—k me I'll make it happen," laughed celeb. X.
The good-looking duo (who are still pals, for what it's worth) proceeded to go upstairs at the house party and do it in the shower. We need to turn on the cold water just hearing about this one!
More than a few partygoers witnessed this wet ‘n' wild encounter go down—literally. The glittery folks in attendance followed right along to see the licentious exchange go down, as it were.
And before you judge, keep in mind many on the guest list of that party have done much worse things to get what they wanted.
Weird, this kinda makes us like CSC even more? Can't say why, exactly.
Maybe it's because Carmelita actually still sleeps with this guy semi on the reg (when she's not dating someone else famous to keep her in the spotlight), so why not get a good pair of heels out of it?

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