Tuesday, April 17, 2012

celeb whodunit

This A list celebrity has always had rumors circulating about him and his sexuality. Everyone thinks it is about his career, and it is to a degree, but he also has not told his mom and she keeps expecting her son to get married and have babies. When our celebrity first came out to Hollywood he thought he was going to be able to be open and free and be openly gay for the first time. For the first week he was shy but experimenting. In his second or third week in town he met an older man who counseled the celebrity to stay hidden and in the closet but at the same time was perfectly happy to have sex with our celebrity all day everyday. This went on for some time and the mentor was happy to show off his new toy but at the same time did make some introductions for our celebrity. After about a year together the couple had a huge fight and our celebrity ended up flying through a sliding glass door and you can still see the scar on him from that. The blood was everywhere and the mentor freaked out and thought about just fleeing but realized he should do something so called a doctor. He also bought our celebrity a car which he still has. Our celebrity has gone through a series of girlfriends. Most of which catch on to the fact he is not interested in them sexually after about a week and they usually move on. His latest girlfriend has stuck around because she does not particularly care for sex and has not really even noticed they don't have it much. She thinks our celebrity just has performance problems and not because he is gay. They did break up for a bit because she could not understand how no one could not get aroused for her. Apparently she does not have any lack of self esteem issues. Our celebrity says he will come out once his mom passes.


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