Friday, July 20, 2012

Congrats comment # 7puggy

Congrats Puggy  the winner.  

I love sour patch kids!  so when the offered to do a contest I said oh heck yeah!!

To Enter all you need to do is:

  Leave me a comment telling me what Sour Patch Kid Claim if your favorite. (make sure i know how to get in touch with you. )

I'll Pick the winner on Saturday July 21.    Winner will get a T shirt and bag of candy!!

So Check out the site The people Vs Sour Patch Kids

 and submit your own claim.


Anonymous said...

I like giving them to young kids and watching the faces.

Daisy said...

the sour patch kids stole my halloween candy

Toothless said...

They didnt do my homework

Kamilah Simmons said...

I love, fun contest!

Anonymous said...

Case 00132: defendant sewn to bed. Yea but like all these points lol.

Funny Pictures said...

My fav is case 142.

"They embarrassed us, at our own party. The managing director of my department was there."

I might be ok if it was a red one though. They are delicious! :)

Anonymous said...

they painted my dog blue and my cat purple

1porkchop said...

My favorite is:

Case 00164

A red sour patch kid repeatedly beat me with a salamander.

theveganwifey said...

My favorite is:
6 years of meticulous daily care and trimming. All that ruined by those little scoundrels.

1froglegs said...

00142 Being embarrassed at your own party

Unknown said...

case 00142

Anonymous said...

I love giving them to my twin daughters and watching their face expressions. One of them says too. And the other one says sour ahha! But their favorite flavor is all of them! They would love these.

My email is;


Kat said...

I kind of like the ruined tree/house plant one.

Anonymous said...

case 00133 Uhhh.... What!!!!

ltlbitone said...

I like Case 00168..

ltlbit1@hotmail dot com

Buy me a cold one..