Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It feels so intimate when reality couples discuss their desire to have a baby together in front of the cameras. But in the case of this reality show couple, it’s just downright hilarious. They will not be conceiving a baby together the old-fashioned way. That’s because he is gay and she is his beard. Ahh, young, fake love!  VIA

What celebrity wife of a former A list celebrity told him she would divorce him unless he got them a reality show. She also made it clear that until he got her a reality show there would be no sex. Well, he got her the reality show, but she is still holding off on that sex. She is also holding off on being nice to the guy unless there are cameras present. Probably the most miserable celebrity marriage at the moment.  via

This former A list celebrity/reality star who was finally forced to the background is usually not a very nice person. Just ask her dogs. Anyway, she was being her usual not nice self earlier this year at an outdoor event until she started doing whipits. Lots and lots and lots and lots of them. Suddenly she thought she was at Woodstock and was all peace and love and sitting on a couch and then got off the couch and peed right on the ground in front of Snoop Dogg before getting back up on the couch and getting back to peace and love.

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