Friday, August 17, 2012

Round up of Celebwhodunits

When someone gets fired, how obligated is the person who gets fired to make the person who did the firing look good? This boss is really pissed off at his subordinate for acting like an ass, and wants them to step aside to allow someone else to step in. But he’s got a delicate balancing act to pull off. If he fires the subordinate for doing the same thing they have been doing all along, then the boss looks dumb for selecting the ass in the first place. If they manufacture some other excuse (e.g. "stepping down for health/ personal reasons"), the lie would be so transparent as to make the boss look a liar. The only thing we know for sure is that the replacement is thrilled by the recasting decision. Not that she’ll be able to show it. She’ll have to act very serious and professional and look like she had absolutely no part in the firing. She is going to have enough to deal with if she actually gets the part. VIA

This A list movie actor is about to drop back to a B. He kind of has to. No one wants to work with him unless they are obligated to do so. He brings a ton of baggage and when you hire him for your movie you have to hire three or four people who will stay with him almost every second of everyday. The only time they are allowed to leave his side is when he is actually in his hotel room. Yep. Only hotels while filming, even if it is being filmed in LA. They don't trust him anywhere else. They know he is getting trashed in his hotel room, but they have him confined there. Yes, he can bring in hookers. And he does. Lots of them. He likes the trashiest hookers they can possibly find. Street hookers. No escorts for this actor. He likes them dirty because he thinks of himself as a dirty guy. When he is sober he tries to be a loving boyfriend but even that does not usually work because he gets drunk almost all the time so girlfriends only stick around for some deluded reasons known only to them. He doesn't spoil them or buy them makeup gifts. I guess they think he can be saved. Maybe he can at some point. He has been close to death a few times from drinking too much. He rarely showers. Other actors like to film scenes with him quickly. Hair and makeup yes. But he says that nowhere does it say his character needs to shower. The audience can't smell him he always says. He got one of the hookers pregnant not that long ago. His girlfriend of a while dumped him at that point. Not so much that he was cheating because she knew about the hookers. Not even that he got another woman pregnant. It was because he loves having unprotected sex with hookers. He thinks it is part of the danger. via

These young performers are both very hot. We told you earlier this year that a new fake relationship would be starting up in August. Well, guess what? It’s August! The relationship is starting! Here’s how it’s going to go down: There has been some buzz over the past month. Photo op together in the next two weeks. "We’re just friends!" Fangirls breathe a sigh of relief. Pretend sneaking in and out of clubs, restaurants, and each other’s homes. Tabloids ask "Are they a couple?". More denials. More photo ops. Dates, hand holding, a "secret" photo of an intimate moment. The fangirls go wild! They finally "confess" that they are dating. Milk the publicity. Breakup by end of year. via

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