Sunday, September 9, 2012


This female celebrity on Dancing With The Stars has been hitting on a dancer from day one. He keeps turning her down. She asked him why and he said it was because she was not famous enough or make enough money for him to be interested  Via

This actor is on his way to A list. All he does is movies. Oh and a celebrity. Anyway, on his latest movie, his co-star is not impressed with him at all. She is a movie actress. Probably B-, but headed to B+ list and has definitely been in the news a lot lately. Anyway, our actress was overheard yesterday telling someone that the actor and his girlfriend were made for each other because she had met boxes of rocks that were smarter than this guy. She was trying to engage him in any kind of small talk while they were waiting for a scene to be shot and the only thing he had any knowledge about were video games and the best hair gels for windy weather. She asked him who he would vote for in the Presidential election if he could vote and he said he didn't even know that was happening this year.  via

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