Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take a guess.. Celebwhodunit...

This A list all movie actress recently split with her boyfriend because she just realized she was not as into S&M as she thought. Being tied up and dominated was fun for awhile, but just like most everything in her life, her attention span is fleeting. What she thought was going to be a lifetime has already turned into something else and someone else. She is back to wanting to be a singer again.  (hint in the news now)  via

They do want to have more kids. And she is not taking on a high-profile project. So, is she pregnant or isn’t she pregnant? The answer is no. She didn’t carry the first baby. So why in the world would she carry the next? Perhaps because the last pregnancy was a total PR mess? But if she can’t/won’t get pregnant on her own, they still have a couple of choices. They can either be more convincing the next time around (better SFX and more realistic acting)… or just admit that they are using a surrogate. In either case, the next baby is planned for late 2013/early 2014. And since they have some embryos left over from the last time, it will definitely be their baby biologically! Oh, and the real reason she bailed out of that high-profile project? Because the director dissed her friend.

What former B list television actress who now makes her living it appears from reality shows and get rich quick schemes got wasted out of her mind and led her boyfriend around by the balls and then tried to lead another man around by the balls. She then said this is just like when I hang out with ____________. Her A list actor bestie  Via

I guess she is a celebrity now. Not sure what her title would be. Anyway, she definitely has A list name recognition. Actually she has A+ name recognition. Anyway, she has lost weight recently and says it is because of diet and exercise. Could be true, but the little pick me up powder she was wiping from her nose the other night is probably helping too and that famed LA weight loss drug Adderall.  via

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