Sunday, February 3, 2013

celebwhodunit. take a guess at who it is...

This former almost A list all movie actress now struggles to find any work and part of it has to do with the fact that she has a little bit of crazy in her. At an event this week she was walking around the event in a fur coat and apparently nothing else. During cocktails she kept walking up to people and telling them she was naked under her fur and did they want to see. She did the same thing during dinner while also refusing to drink anything other than what she brought in a flask. via

Think that this actor is the only one cheating in this marriage? He isn’t. His gorgeous wife is just as culpable in this mess. She is pretty on the outside. On the inside, not so much. She married the actor because he was a much more famous celebrity than her last boyfriend, a musician, and she thought she was trading up. But as soon as her marriage disappointed her, she set out to snag a bigger prize for herself. One of the men she caught the attention of is an actor who is bigger than her husband. The moment she showed interest in him, it was "Fish on!" and the two had an affair. Unfortunately for her, the bigger actor only sees her as another prize in his catch-and-release program. He’ll throw her overboard before it gets too serious. So if she thinks she is trading up again, she is going to be terribly disappointed. via

Want to know the real reasons this pilot is jumping networks? There are two. The first is that the first network cringed at the complete lack of chemistry between the two stars. They are each fine on their own, but the combination turns out to be an unpalatable mess. One is way too smug, and the other is way too bubbly. The first network also didn’t like all the rumors they were hearing about the female star’s activities outside of her marriage. When you’re trying to impress upon America that your star is a wholesome traditional wife, the last thing you need is someone with a reputation as a ho.  via

This actress is known mostly for her work in television. She is pretty, but she is desperate to be thinner. While she already looks slim, she thinks that if she could just drop a few more pounds that she will land the lead role in a series this year. She has a difficult time battling the hunger pangs, so she has resorted to a rather bizarre diet. She has been eating paper. She buys rolls of paper towels made of unbleached paper, and chews bits of it all day long. She claims she is not hurting herself because she only eats natural paper and drinks plenty of water so that the paper passes naturally through her system.  via

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