Sunday, February 17, 2013

more of celebwhodunits

This aging A list Academy Award winner/nominee actor is dating the teenager who was his son's date to the prom.  via

This C list celebrity of A+ list offspring went to the emergency room this week. He burned himself with Nair while trying to remove all the hair in his genital region. Guess his older B list celebrity girlfriend likes him smooth. via

What do you do if you are a married executive who got busted having sex with your nanny and now your nanny is threatening to sue you for sexual harassment? You get her a role that has turned her from a nobody that absolutely no one had ever heard of to a solid B lister on a hit show almost overnight.  via

This probably won’t come as a huge shock to anyone, but there was a little drug activity going on backstage at The Grammys. During rehearsal, these three big names teamed up to perform a medley of songs. To relax beforehand, they passed around a big blunt in this cloud-floating diva’s dressing room. Indulging in the herb along with her were a moon-walking legend and this other-worldly crooner. By the way, the three singers were there to rehearse a tribute number to a talent who passed… but who would have certainly approved of their activities if he was alive!  via

This A+ list female singer who I keep expecting to turn up as a judge on a show was all happy and nice to this female one hit wonder and wished her luck at the awards. Later, our A lister was discussing the one hit wonder and said that she was really nice to her because everyone knows that she will never be back and that she wanted her to enjoy the party.  via

This B- list celebrity and former failed reality judge has always trashed her former co-worker. Now, when the celebrity heard that her former co-worker was spending several nights a week with Prince Harry she can't stop trying to text and call and be bff with her former co-worker. The celebrity even gave an interview where she says they used to be like sisters. The aggrieved co-worker said, "True, if this was Cinderella and she was the evil step-sister."  via

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