Tuesday, May 28, 2013


A first impression is a lasting impression apparently because the parents of this almost A list mostly movie actress who got her start on television have met their daughter's boyfriend and can't stand the guy. I guess he ran into them way back in the day and he didn't know who they were and treated them like crap because that is how he treats everyone. They didn't appreciate it and he tried to apologize when he found out who they were, but the next few years they would see him being his usual jerk self and treating people poorly and not being nice to anyone. He would be high sometimes when they saw him or have a bunch of women with him or one time there was a naked woman on his arm when they walked by his trailer. So, when their daughter told them she was dating the A list mostly television now actor, they were not thrilled and refuse to see him or talk to him. They can't stand the idea of him. via

Just because he has switched countries, does not mean he has lost his sleazy ways. This former B+ list mostly television actor who made his fame on a very hit cable show has always been sleazy. This one might take the cake though. He was out to dinner with his girlfriend of the week when he spotted this resurgent B-/C+ list mostly movie actress who still looks great and has a new hit movie. Our actor went over to her table where she was dining with another woman and sat himself down without being invited and started hitting on our actress who could see his date at the other table. Our actress got up and went and sat down next to the girlfriend and told her to run from the actor very quickly and never look back. via

This couple was at Cannes together for several days. She is an A list mostly movie actress. He is a celebrity. They not only slept in separate rooms, they slept in separate hotel rooms, and not even on the same floor. That is a very strange marriage. via

This actress is B- and mostly movies. Some good roles. A couple of great roles. Loves publicity. Had her stylist, alter her dress for Cannes just enough so that she too could get some of the wardrobe malfunction press that has been going on this week. Her expression when it was "discovered" and pointed out to her was embarrassing. Everyone could tell she had planned it. via

Which talk show host, who is coming to the end of her career, didn’t recognize her own daughter when she came to visit her mother in her studio’s audience. The show was producing a special-themed mothers and daughters show and executives thought it would be nice to surprise the host with her own daughter. However, after years of a troubled relationship and spending a lot of time apart, she picked the wrong young lady in the crowd when she was told her daughter had come to surprise her. Luckily, the show was taped and the embarrassing incident was edited out – now it is just alive in the staff’s memory who witnesses the TV lady being unable to recognize her own baby! via

This B- list mostly television actress who has been known to date for publicity made it very clear to several musicians at the Billboard Awards last night that she is available to anyone who is interested. It was kind of awkward how she was acting and just so blatant about it. via

Could it be: 
Mila Kunis, Tom Hanks, Kanye West, Jeremy Piven, Nicole Kidman, Barbara Walters, George Clooney, Anne Hathaway, Stacey Keibler, Keith Urban,  Jenny McCarthy,  Heather Graham, Ashton Kutcher Rosario Dawson, Ginnifer Goodwin

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