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While this A+ list diva and B list everything else has been working non-stop the past few weeks, her boyfriend has been cherry picking guys he runs into at her work place that are gay and says he can help them out if they help him out. Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart via

This married member of hugely popular music group (used to be A list) which has no recent success but still has people who go crazy when they hear the name mentioned has been sleeping around on his oft pregnant wife with this former A list celebrity/singer who is also married and is probably about a B-/C+ now, despite all of her past big hits. Taylor Hanson and Michelle Branch via

It's only been a few days, but one of the female celebrities on DWTS is threatening to quit unless something is done about this former B- list actress who is a solid C+ lister now. The celebrity who is threatening to quit called the actress the c word because the actress makes the celebrity and others speak to an intermediary and are not allowed to talk directly to the actress. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi/Leah Remini  via

When you have a big ensemble film, the director makes his cuts based on the way the scenes impact the storyline, right? Usually. But not in the case of this hit film! The first actress – who has won many big awards during her long acting career – did not know the director. She put in an amazing performance… but her part was almost entirely cut out of the film. The second performer hadn’t acted in years. However, she is close friends with the director, has a huge ego, and really wants to win an acting award. So she begged the director for the part, then dropped a project upon which many people’s livelihood was dependent to take this role. It was completely selfish on her part. Almost all of her scenes were left intact, even though some weren’t that great and didn’t contribute much to the storyline. So, were these two members of the cast really treated so differently based on their roles? Or was it because of their relationship with the director? Or was it because of their race? People close to the production say it was definitely the latter. Will the second performer acknowledge that? Hell no! She loves to stir up race issues… but only when it benefits her and her enormous ego.
First Actress: Jane Fonda
Second Actress: Oprah Winfrey
Film: "The Butler"
Director: Lee Daniels  via

This newlywed couple is already on the rocks. Two main reasons are that the A list (it pains me to say that) celebrity/singer husband has discovered his A list (it pains me to say that) celebrity/singer wife is a pain in the butt and has been spending all of his money and saving hers and she caught him texting and having phone sex with at least two of his exes. It's interesting to me that her friend who I got this from freely admits the wife is a big pain and is not just trashing the husband. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger  via

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