Sunday, October 13, 2013


Most of the Emmy blinds that came over were lame, and all about Sofia Vergara getting naked wasted at all the parties. Not really much intrigue there. But this one came over, and I found it not only fascinating, but hilarious. So this B-list mostly television actress and this unfortunately A-list mostly television actor got into quite the heated argument at an after party last night. He congratulated her on a great appearance, and how well her new show was doing, but decided to give his two cents about Corey Monthieth's In Memoriam, the actor thought it was wrong to celebrate people who have OD'ed or committed suicide. After the actor's rant, the actress was very much taken aback and said, "After all the times you were literally pulled out of the gutter, I can't believe you would say something like that." He went on to give a blowhard lecture about pulling oneself up by the bootstraps, blah, blah, which the actress interrupted him and said, "Oh you mean your wife, not the wife standing next to you, but the wife who dedicated her whole life to keeping you clean and working, who you treated like shit. Right. Well when your time comes I'll make sure no one has a problem with cross dressing, adulterous assholes who love their blow, when it's time for your reel. She walked away. Kelsey Grammer  via

This B-list celebrity was chatting with his costar recently and said something about how he wished his B-list singer wife had the range of his costar. Not exactly the thing to say about his wife now that she's hyper worried about them hooking up on the set. You see, another costar hooked up with her (not the wife, the costar) for the hell of it a couple of years back, used her up, then walked away. Now she's got her eye on this costar to show the costar that slept with her and walked away that she's a hot commodity and he made a huge mistake. Yes, she's like a twelve year old that way. Well this is not the first barbecue the wife has been to with regard to her husband getting busy at work. She's been a constant on set, and has let the costar know in no uncertain terms that she will bodily harm her if she doesn't leave her husband alone. So when she overheard her husband's stupid comment, she yelled from the wings so everyone could hear, "Ask her how many albums that range of her sold! Because my shitty voice sold three times as much!" The other costars laughed themselves silly, and filming had to be delayed ten minutes so they could compose themselves.
B- list celebrity: Blake Sheldon
B- list singer wife: Miranda Lambert
Female Co-star: Christina Aguilera
Male Co-star: Adam Levine
Show: "The Voice"  via

This former A list tweener is still an A list tweener or at least she still looks like one even though she is well out of the tweener age. Her last boyfriend was also a tweener and she must have wanted something different because she is now sleeping with a married movie producer who is twice her age and has a child the same age as the tweener. She loves the guy but is going to be in a world of hurt when everyone starts calling her a home wrecker. Selena Gomez  via

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