Sunday, November 17, 2013


At a party the other night that she was hosting this B- list mostly television actress was telling a story about her rise and fall in fame. She rose to a B and then crashed down to a D. She was hustling to find any kind of work and wondering if she would get to act again. It got so bad at one point that she went to a party with a producer and had already slept with him to get a part and then he made her take off her dress and let guys snort coke off her body and because she needed the part she did it. Now she is on a hit show. Hopefully she is saving her money.Hayden Panettiere via

This A list television/B list movie actor would blow a gasket if he knew that his wife was calling the paps each time before they leave the house. He threatened to leave her last year after he caught her doing it but she hasn't stopped. She loves having them take her photo. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin  via

This reality star from the hottest reality show on cable right now is having an affair with a woman in his church. The pair always meet at her house when her kids are at school. She is divorced but the reality star is very much married. His family doesn't even know or they would stop him before he destroys them all. Someone from "Duck Dynasty"  via

This forever A list diva interacted as little as possible with this current A list celebrity/singer/diva in training who wanted to hang out with the superstar. The superstar told her to come back in a few years when she had not been copying someone and when she was off the drugs and off the shock. I'm guessing shock meant shock value. Would make sense. Barbra Streisand and Lady Gaga "Glamour’s 2013 Women of the Year Awards"  via

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