Sunday, May 4, 2014


This A+ list mostly movie actor decided to sleep one off at a Pottery Barn this week. Our actor walked over to a couch and passed out there for almost two hours. The staff let him be and when he woke up he didn't say anything but just walked out of the store. Bill Murray  via

This A+ list mostly movie actress went braless for her daily pap shot but decided after seeing the photos they showed way more than she intended so went and bought a bra and then had the pap take more photos. Anne Hathaway  via

This C-list terrible actress is off the wagon big time. It's actually been quietly known for almost a year now, no matter how much she blathers on about how 'sober' she is. She was placed on probation with her current project while she got herself together, but she's an even bigger mess now than she was then. So much so, she's paying a homeless guy $100 a day to clear the bottles of booze out of her house before her sober coach paid for by the network arrives. Doesn't this trick know that boxed wine would make this much less complicated and cheaper? Lindsay Lohan via

This A list diva and B- list everything else she does, which, mind you, is a very long list, embarrassed her boyfriend at dinner this weekend. He ordered something and she told him he couldn't have it and ordered him something else. The fact that she did it loudly enough for people several tables away to hear her, left her boyfriend with a sunburned red face. Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart  via

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