Sunday, June 1, 2014


1) Which former A+ list diva's drinking caused an appearance at an awards show to be in jeopardy because her handlers had to literally prop her up on stage after she arrived several hours late? Mariah Carey "World Music Awards"
2) At the same awards show, this A-list former tweener was simulating sex on a bed a la Madonna, which sent the producers scrambling to edit as much as they could? No wonder it's not airing this weekend. Miley Cyrus "World Music Awards"
3) Which almost B-list pop star is not telling her fans the real reason she's canceling shows? She went on a coke bender and she's in no state to perform. Lady Gaga  via

This B list celebrity/reality star/sometime mostly movie actress and all around not very nice person has been trying to get pregnant with her athlete boyfriend but hasn't let him know that. She wants some guaranteed income. Julianne Hough/Brooks Laich (hocker player of the Washington Capitals)  via

This Downton Abbey actress went on a few dates with this foreign born almost A list mostly television actor who every woman seems to love. She says they split because he went all Fifty Shades Of Grey on her and she is more of a turn off the lights and close your eyes kind of lover. Benedict Cumberbatch/Laura Carmichael  via just heard the craziest rumor – and we wouldn’t have even given it a second thought – if it wasn’t coming from a very popular celebrity. According to the celeb – there were rumors back in 2008 when Rihanna was first signed to Def Jam – that she was pregnant, allegedly. And the father was allegedly one of the people from the label who we all know. They say that before the rumors of the pregnancy, Rihanna was on the back burner at the label. But Rihanna went back to Barbados for nine months . . . . and when she came back to the states – she was the Def Jam exec’s main project. He made sure to use his celebrity to push Rihanna’s career. Well all that happened 6 years ago, and it could all just be rumors – right?? Well we just saw photos of a 6 year old boy and Rihanna floating on the internets . . . they looked real close. Oh, and that boy looks exactly like that former Def Jam executive.
Very Popular Celebrity: Rihanna
Baby Daddy/Former Def Jam Executive: Jay-Z via

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