Monday, June 16, 2014


Viggo Mortensen said he only had sex with this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner one time because she was so skinny and bony that it was painful. He compared it to having sex with a brick wall. Gwyneth Paltrow  via

In the past few years, this talented actor has been getting more and more high-profile roles and hanging out with more and more high-profile stars. He is not a very tall or traditionally handsome guy and is still a little shy and awkward in new situations. Well, one of his new friends – an actor who is one of Hollywood’s biggest partying bachelors – saw that as an opportunity to have a little fun with him. The bachelor and our actor were at a party together. The bachelor quietly engaged a very big and burly black guy to simply stand a few feet away from the actor, arms folded, and stare at him in a menacing manner. Then the big guy moved one step at a time toward our actor, essentially backing him into a corner. Our actor began freaking out! He set down his drink and held his palms out to try to stop the man from advancing and begged for mercy. "Ummm…. I-I-I don’t want any trouble. Look, I don’t know what I did, but I’m sorry, OK? I’m sorry! I don’t want to die! Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!" The big man broke first. "Relax, man! I’m just fucking with you." Our actor bolted from the scene, leaving the bachelor and his friends doubled over with laughter.
Actor: Jonah Hill
Bachelor: Leonardo DiCaprio  via

This A list singer/musician who has had two different jobs in two different A+ list groups is married and his wife just found out that our A lister has two children with a woman who has been on the road with him several times over the years. Paul McCartney "Beatles" and "Wings"; Dave Grohl "Nirvana" and "Foo Fighters"  via

It is possible we may lose two A list singers to AIDS before the year is out. I have told you about one in this space before, and now another one is fighting for his life despite his assurances that his recent illness was minor. George Michael and Morissey  via

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