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There is an actress who had one line to read in a movie. She now has several pages of scenes all because she is having sex with the B list mostly movie actress who name dropped her boyfriend to the producers. The funny thing is the boyfriend would be ticked off if he knew his girlfriend was cheating again so it was probably not the best decision. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp  via

Here are two fun (or not so fun) facts about one of your favorite music artists of all time! You already know that he is married. However, that commitment apparently ends as soon as he hits the road. He makes sure he has a new hooker arranged for every stop on the tour. They all sign non-disclosures. You don’t want to stand too close to him. Why not? He stinks! Someone who traveled with him describes it as "The worst body odor in the world." The weird thing is that he actually prides himself on his own stench! He thinks that other people should want to be near him and smell his pungent scent. Sting  via

For years I’ve been saying that she is such a bitch. Like, terrifying. And humourless, unless you’re famous. But on a red carpet? If she’s sneering at you? There’s venom. Behind that cool, tall beauty, she’s vicious. Now, maybe I understand why. Turns out she likes her cocaine. She’s much smarter about it than, say, people who end up under LA bridges with sketchy explanations, or child stars who rage down the Pacific Coast Highway chasing down their enemies. How does she keep winning awards and protecting her reputation? How has she kept the sh-t off of her? Because beyond her love life, there has never, ever been any gossip about her indulgences, beyond the occasional fruit, especially now that she has someone else to look after. One explanation (on top of her discretion): Customer Loyalty. Same dealer for a decade. He supplies only to very exclusive clientele and is selective about his regular customers. She’s a regular customer. It’s more than occasional bump. Never mind the boyfriend, that might be her most steady relationship.
She: Charlize Theron
Person who ended up under a bridge: Zac Efron
Person who raged down the PCH: Lindsay Lohan
Her Boyfriend: Sean Penn  via

If you are a female who has passed your peak in the acting profession, there is always the world’s oldest profession to help you pay your bills. If you were at the Cannes film festival without a film to promote, and you spent all your time partying on a boat, chances are you that you were getting paid to party. They call it "yacht rent." Name three actresses at Cannes who were there to make "yacht rent." Bonus points if you can name an actor who was also there to make "yacht rent." Yes, boys do it too!
Actress 1: Lindsay Lohan
Actress 2: Tara Reid
Actress 3: Pamela Anderson
Actor 1: Kellan Lutz via

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