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The brother of this A+ list mostly movie actor wasn't shocked that his brother had slept with his girlfriend back in the day. It has happened before. The A+ lister's wife was though, especially when the timeline of when it happened got a little fuzzy in the A lister's mind. Donnie Wahlberg (Mark)/Jenny McCarthy  via

This former A list singer was out this week and was on some pills, but was keeping it under control. Sad to see her slip. Anyway, this is not about that. At one point during the night she walked up to a guy who was sitting with his wife and another couple and started screaming at him for dumping her and that he was an awful human being and just went on and on. The guy was a tourist from Europe and barely spoke English and when the singer realized her mistake walked away. So, you would think it would stop there, but 20 minutes later she started yelling at another guy the exact same thing. Courtney Love  via

This actress did not win an acting award at last night’s Emmy Awards. However, she was happy that a more famous actress didn’t win either! No, they weren’t in the same category. However, that didn’t keep Our Actress from later critiquing More Famous Actress’ "performance" during the telecast of the awards show. "Oh my god! Why did they have to show only HER clip [and not the clips from the other nominated performances]? It just confirms her belief that she is the most important person in the room! And did you see her reaction? All those ridiculous, over-the-top gestures!" At this point Our Actress did a fairly good impression of More Famous Actress. "She is totally unbearable. And did you hear her presentation? That award wasn’t even ABOUT her… yet she managed to make it COMPLETELY about her! Me me me me me me ME!" In case you though it was a lone opinion, it wasn’t. Several other actors and industry types laughed, rolled their eyes, and nodded along in agreement while she spoke.
Our Actress: Kristin Wiig
The More Famous Actress: Julia Roberts  via

He doesn't know that he is not the one who got his wife pregnant. Sure, they never really had much sex before she got pregnant, and yes, she always made him wear condoms, and the reason is simple. His wife, an A list mostly movie actress is pregnant, but she used the sperm of her last boyfriend. She really wanted to marry him and have his babies and thought she could be one of the biggest stars in the world, especially if they were a couple. Our actress has a little stalker in her and a little crazy and when you combine that with her drinking issues, she is a piece of work. The previous boyfriend is an actor and has no idea that our actress managed to save some of his sperm. This was something she planned the entire time they were dating just in case he did leave her or if he stayed, if he didn't want a baby. The husband doesn't look dramatically different from the actor but he is going to be in for a world of shock if the couple ever get divorced and he tries to get child support from the actress. Zoe Saldana (Marco Perego)/Bradley Cooper  via

This male rapper asked this young female singer at a VMA after party if she would do something for him. He asked her to lie down on a table and allow him to snort coke off of her torso. He fully expected her to decline. To everyone’s great surprise, she agreed! We don’t know if this was the end of their interaction for night, but these two make for a very unlikely pair!
Male rapper: Big Sean
Female singer: Ariana Grande  via

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