Sunday, October 26, 2014


Even though she is living with her mother, this C list celebrity offspring is using again. This kind of thing happens when the mother gets wasted and passes out. Not setting a very good example.Tallulah Willis/Demi Moore  via

This former A list talk show host turned B list host turned A- list host turned no host at all where it really matters still has A+ list name recognition and an A+ list diva temper to go with it. At a charity event the other night, our former host was trying to get into the event and there was a crowd and she started screaming the "don't you know who I am" and get out of my way and don't even think of taking my photo was heard. She was just being the biggest pain and everyone was totally turned off by her behavior. She was awful to everyone. Katie Couric "16th Annual Tomorrow Is Tonight Gala benefiting Project A.L.S." ("Today"/"CBS News"/"Katie"/"Yahoo"  via

"I just couldn't take anymore of the 'poor me, poor me' crap, she's become a completely different person from the one I knew. She needs to get her head out of her ass and stop blaming everyone for something she knew would bring her more attention." - B-list actress/model on why her friendship with that A+ list actress and Oscar winner/nominee dissolved. Zoë Kravitz/Jennifer Lawrence

What B-list R&B singer's PR people are good at masking the truth? There were no A-list guests at that recent bash he threw, just his family members and a couple of close non-celebrity friends. In fact, the A-listers barely know him. Robin Thicke/Leo DiCaprio (divorce party)

Which C-list mostly television actress and reality star filmed her "hospitalization" for her reality show? She isn't sick at all, by the way. Tori Spelling

What former child star turned indie actor is growing weed in his backyard? Might explain the weight gain... Haley Joel Osment

Which network reality star had a 'soft' coming out of the closet a few nights ago at a charity event? He's planning on officially coming out after the latest season of his show is over. Derek Hough "Dancing With the Stars"  via

These two celebrities are both very well known. They are in two different areas of the entertainment industry. They were married, then divorced. There was plenty of blame to go around. We know about one incident that happened while they were still married. The Husband called up a non-famous woman who he knew before he was married. The woman was wary about meeting up with him, because she knew he was now married to this big celebrity… and she didn’t know if he was sober or not. She met with him at a very famous hotel in a large city. They wound up spending the night together and he shared really personal details of his marriage. He told her it had been too long since he had been with a real woman who had some meat on her bones. He told her how exhausting it was to be married to someone who tried to turn everything into a publicity stunt. He told her that The Wife – who knew that he was now sober – seemed to be purposefully getting wasted all the time just to torment him. He talked about simply wanting "pure universal love." Perhaps talking out loud about his marriage woes helped to clarify things for him, because one week later, he filed for divorce. Russell Brand and Katy Perry  via

Thanks to her work in a popular franchise, this young actress became a major star before she even turned 20. She has always tried to come off as being very cool, casual, and nonchalant in her style and her attitude, as if she couldn’t care less what you think of her. So we were a little surprised to learn that those days where it looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw on an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt and forgot to brush her hair… are totally calculated! A friend of hers told us, "[She] wants you to see her as this person who is doesn’t give a shit about about how she looks but the truth is that she cares a LOT! She will usually change two or three times before she walks out the door. It’s her anti-movie-star look. Everything from the baseball cap to the messy hair to the Chuck Taylors to the flannel shirt tied around waist is totally planned. That just rolled out of bed look takes over an hour. It’s all part of her wanting indie cred." She is taking time off to spend with her secret S.O. (which will be a nice change for her from her faux relationship days). When she goes back to work, look for her to pursue roles in smaller, independent films to fit her carefully calculated "I don’t give a shit" image. Kristen Stewart "Twilight"  via

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