Sunday, November 16, 2014


This married A+ list mostly movie actor got away with a warning and an instruction to change drivers the other night after he was pulled over for DUI. I guess the police officer is a fan. Ben Affleck  via

A huge screaming match at a hotel two nights ago when this closeted former A list franchise actress who is now an A-/B+ list indie queen got into it with her secret girlfriend. The girlfriend was not invited to the premiere or after party and was ok with that, but not with the actress apparently getting the phone numbers of two other women. Kristen Stewart "Still Alice" premiere  via

This permanent A list singer/part-time actress/director might be one of the biggest stars on the planet but she won’t be invited back to this talk show after the cameras constantly had to shoot different angles of her and cut away from her because she wouldn’t stop texting on her phone even while being asked questions during the interview. When our singer wanted to hug after, the talk show host told her to fuck off. Barbra Streisand/Katie Couric  via

This famous singer is worried that some private tapes of him and his ex-wife are going to be released. He and his team are working hard to make sure those tapes never get released. However, there is another tape that he should be more worried about. It is an intimate video of our singer with a very famous music artist who used to tape their "private sessions" together when our singer was an up and coming artist. That very famous music artist is a MAN. Oh, yeah. Usher (Tameka Raymond/Justin Bieber  via

There's a reason these two foreign musicians got married so quickly after being in a relationship. When they tied the knot, most people did a double-take. Not exactly two people you'd ever pair together. The girl in this pair likes to move things forward in hyper speed and there's a very good reason why. She is extremely abusive. Physically. Can't say I'd be too surprised to hear this....but it seems to be a shocker to the guys she ends up with. She can play that she's the perfect chick for a short time, but the real her always comes out soon enough. Usually, when she drinks...which is often. She met this guy, B-list musician, who used to be an A. She completely pulled the wool over his eyes...even though many tried to warn him. Including her ex. Regardless, he married her anyway and has learned the hard way that everyone was telling the truth. The second you give her any reason to doubt or piss her off in any way, she launches a tirade on you that is shocking to witness. After she calms down, she uses her past or some other reason to justify her behavior. Just like any abusive cycle, he buys it for a time....until it happens again. These two won't last much longer. I hate to say it but makes me chuckle thinking about this guy and who he is, having to deal with her and her outbursts. I wonder if it will inspire him to write some ballads once he's over and done with it. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger  via just got some very DISTURBING NEWS - from a usually reliable entertainment insider. They say, ALLEGEDLY, that your fave got a XANAX pill popping addiction. According to our insider, your FAVE allegedly started taking Xanax bars to let loose every now and again, then when she stopped smoking weed cause she was worried it was damaging her throat, Xanax became her DRUG OF CHOICE. Now we're told, it's become a HABIT. How bad of a habit? Well we're told that YOUR FAVE takes multiple bars a day. And the other day she caused a very EMBARRASSING PUBLIC SPECTACLE . . . when she had a bad reaction when she took a couple of bars and drank some wine afterwards. We're told that folks next to her are thinking about staging an intervention before she embarrasses herself WORSE . . . BeyoncĂ© (Acting Strange Swaying Side To Side At Brooklyn Nets Game!)  via

Did you catch the MTV Europe Music Awards? It was hosted by Nicki Minaj. Want to know the secret weapon that helped one non-hosting singer with their travel fatigue, weight control, and overall perkiness? Well, you just take a big white pile of powder… chop it into little lines… and sniff sniff sniff the night away! Sniffy needs to be careful, though, because doing that stuff every day will eventually damage the voice. Ariana Grande via

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