Sunday, November 30, 2014


Reminiscent of the time that Pimpa Joe Simpson was playing matchmaker and then peacemaker between Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson, this celebrity dad has been trying to marry off his barely legal daughter to this former NFL quarterback and thinks they would be a great fit and even thinks they could have their own reality show and spread the word of the Lord. There is not a day that goes by that the dad does not call or text or send a photo of his daughter. Tim Tebow and one of the Duggar offspring   via

Which Queen is trying to poison a Princess’ reputation? The Queen was so irritated that she was passed over for a certain award that she is now having her people spread a rumor. They are claiming that it wasn’t the Queen who was behaving badly by not showing up to a certain awards show. Oh, no. According to them, it was the Princess who was the demanding, egotistical diva who refused to attend the show unless she was given a special award! It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Everyone in the industry knows who is the real diva of the two stars. You’re going to have to try harder, Evil Queen!
Queen: Beyoncé
Princess: Taylor Swift
Award she really wanted: American Music Awards "Award of Excellence"  via

Which singer pulled some sneaky spy moves before last night’s American Music Awards? She had heard that several other performers would be wearing butt-baring costumes, and she wanted to know the bottom line as to how extreme she should get with her own outfit. To that end, she had her stylist call up some other stylists to try to find out what their clients would be wearing. She specifically wanted to know how much skin each woman would be showing and whether they would be padding or not. The other stylists wouldn’t spill, but after receiving the call, some of them modified their costume to ensure that their client’s booty would be more memorable than the others. They all got so crazy about it that one stylist remarked that she couldn’t wait until this booty phase was over so she could go back to designing costumes with more material in them. Jennifer Lopez  via

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