Sunday, December 7, 2014


This A-/B+ list mostly television actor from a very very hit cable show pulled a Dina Lohan and walked out of a party with about $20K in booze. The organizers were not happy. Norman Reedus "The Walking Dead" via

#1 – This foreign born singer who is married to an Academy Award winner/nominee couldn’t make it to the bathroom at a club the other night because he was so drunk. He decided the hallway looked just fine. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman
#2 – This much younger foreign born singer than the one in #1 talks a good game but the A- lister has had sex with his performer ex lots of times. Lots. So, don’t believe the whole faithful to the girlfriend thing he likes to project. Ed Sheeran (Athina Andrelos)/Ellie Goulding
#3 – This former A list tweener actress is all grown up and doesn’t act but still has A list name recognition. She also made quite the sight the other night sharing lines of coke with her former television dad. Ashley Olsen/Bob Saget "Full House"

This so far one hit wonder who admittedly does have a very big hit that is very catchy, had her own Black Friday type of moment over the weekend when she beat all comers to a coke stash that someone brought to her party. She wouldn’t share with anyone but did offer the guy who brought it some sex. He declined and it could be because of the puke stained sweater she was wearing because she had been drinking all day and didn’t want to clean up after puking. A real winner. Meghan Trainor; Charli XCX  via

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