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Guess which two TV celebrities are hooking up AGAIN behind the scenes of a reality show? Despite their age difference, they had a tumultuous affair last year. It ended disastrously! In fact, she wound up pregnant by him and he talked her into an abortion. After he ditched her, she went back to her boyfriend. Did she learn from that horrible series of mistakes? Clearly not! She recently slipped into his dressing room for a little nooky between segments.
He: Simon Cowell
She: Demi Lovato (Wilmer Valderrama)
Television Show: "The X Factor UK" via

This former A+ list mostly movie actor is probably an A now, but only in certain circumstances. Acting family and very well liked, he has a problem with condoms. He is currently shuttling between promoting a new movie and taking two different women to doctor appointments because they are pregnant. He is working on a handful of kids now all from different moms. One of the two this time is still in her teens. Owen Wilson  via

The Jingle Ball in New York showcases many of today’s most popular stars. Each singer typically performs two or three of their hits (except for Taylor Swift, who got to perform five songs). Guess which young celebrity didn’t mingle with the rest during the event? She would only speak to those with whom she was performing. If you weren’t one of them, you didn’t exist. In fact, at one point she walked right past several singers who were greeting each other and joking around. Our celebrity averted her eyes to avoid any sort of contact and simply kept walking. "What’s up her butt?" one of the group wondered aloud after she passed. Someone answered with the name of her current boyfriend… and the rest of the group burst out laughing! Good thing our singer wasn’t within earshot, though, as she would not have found it funny. She doesn’t seem to find anything funny. Ariana Grande/Big Sean  via

What TV-turned-movie actress’ PR people are scratching their heads as why she’s constantly asking them to put out more stories about her having a baby, because they know she can’t stand kids? Jennifer Aniston
Which foreign born, openly gay singer was bragging to a couple of his friends about the time that now A+ list actor gave him good head to get a job as a dancer in one of his music videos? Ricky Martin/Channing Tatum "She Bangs" video
What A-list (for now) female rapper is still sore about getting snubbed for a Grammy nomination that she’s pulling the racism card? Oh brother… Azealia Banks
What B-list mostly TV actress who pretends she has a boyfriend was spotted in Dubai under the guise of a legitimate gig, but she was really whoring herself out to rich men for a price? Eva Longoria

What A++ list musician couple had to leave that A++ list songstress’ party early a few nights ago because hubby was annoyed that he and his wife were the only black people there? BeyoncĂ©/Jay-Z (Taylor Swift’s birthday party)
What aging R&B legend who has had several run-ins with the law pulled the "don’t you know who I am" card recently while shopping for Christmas presents? Dionne Warwick; Anita Baker; Diana Ross; Patti LaBelle
What "couple", consisting of an A-list former tweener and closeted (for now) celeb spawn are still together because he likes it when she does a little trick in the bed? Miley Cyrus/Patrick Schwarzenegger
What couple who are probably going to split up next year spent a rare evening together with their kid… with reality TV cameras filming the whole thing? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
What B-list former tweener who is starring on a cable sitcom next year, chastised her PR people for trying to set her up with her openly gay (although not publicly yet) male costar from the show, because she still has feelings for her husband and is thinking about calling off her divorce. Hilary Duff (Mike Comrie)/Nico Tortorella "Younger"

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