Monday, December 29, 2014


This permanent A+ list diva woke up on Christmas about the time her kids were going to sleep. The drinking and pill popping will do that. Mariah Carey  via

This probable one hit wonder with one of the most memorable songs of 2014 says that she got a key to the hotel room of this former A list tweener who is having a decent year and was waiting in his bed naked and he said that he prefers men to women but did hang out with her all night. Just never made any kind of move. Meghan Trainor/Nick Jonas  via

This B list actor and singer and recent Academy Award nominee/winner had sex with two women this month who both told me that he wore a Santa Claus hat during sex and kept referring to himself as Santa. I wonder if any other women had the same experience with him this month. Jared Leto  via

Dubai is a land of gleaming high-rise architecture… and men with oil money. These three women visit there regularly, not because they interested in oil or architecture, but because they are paid handsomely to spend the night (or several days) with wealthy men. One is a reality star (over 30), one is a film actress (over 30), and one is a singer (under 30). Two have dark hair. One is married.
Reality Star: Kim Kardashian
Film Actress: Tara Reid
Singer: Selena Gomez  via

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