Sunday, January 11, 2015


#1 – This religious family who loves cable and babies is about to take a big hit because a son-in-law had sex several times with his sister-in-law during the holiday season. A tabloid knows. The family is trying to make a deal. The Duggers
#2 – This one is sick and twisted in a very interesting way. This B- list mostly television actress from that hit network show that is ending is married but hooked up with her celebrity ex while his A list singer girlfriend was out of town. Our actress left behind an intimate piece of clothing with a sticky note in it that said, "Hi ________. Now he has cheated on you too." Naya Rivera "Glee"/Big Sean/Ariana Grande
#3 – This former A- list mostly movie actress who has been in the news and photos a lot this week has always says she never officially married a guy. Well, she is sure trying hard to prove they are married now since he had an investment take off to the tune of about $100M. She says she is entitled to a portion of it. Tara Reid/Michael Lillelund or Zack Kehayov
#4 – The foreign born A list model/part-time actress was finished with half the stash of coke bought before these two reality siblings could even roll up a bill to snort some. Those models are fast.Cara Delevingne/Kendall Jenner/Khloé Kardashian  via

Which A-list newly single female was such a drunken mess at her friend’s celebrity wedding that she was spotted actually hitting on the groom. "Her split is not a friendly as she makes out. And she is lonely and had a few too many to drink. No harm was done but everyone at the wedding was talking about it," adds our source! Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin (Cameron Diaz/Benji Madden)  via

This female presenter at last night’s People’s Choice Awards was annoyed that she didn’t get as much attention on stage as much as she thought she should. There were other people on stage with her, and she kept getting blocked by them. "What was the point of my being out there?" she fumed after she came off stage. "They [the audience] couldn’t even see me!" One of the stage hands shrugged and said, "You’re bigger than them. You could have just shoved them out of your way!" That didn’t make her feel any better. Kaley Cuoco/Kevin Hart/Josh Gad via

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