Tuesday, February 24, 2015

celebwhodunit Oscars...

This actress and her man were certainly putting on a show of affection during the televised portion of The Oscars! He was caressing her on the red carpet, had his hand in her lap during the telecast, and had his arm around her at the post-parties. So sweet. And so fake. This is only who she pretends to be when the cameras are watching. Because in the non-televised moments before The Oscars… she was with her girlfriend! That’s who she took to the pre-parties. That’s who she was affectionately stroking underneath the table. She thinks that she would lose her fan base and industry support if she admitted that she was gay. And she really wants to win an Oscar more than she wants you to know the truth! Oprah Winfrey/Stedman Graham/Gayle King via

This actress had a hairy encounter with an actor she knows who got a little grabby while greeting her at The Oscars. She kept her cool in the moment, although she did comment to someone (her publicist?) afterward, "Did you see that? Girl is just trying WAY too hard." She was not genuinely upset by it, though. She just thought it odd.
Actress: Scarlett Johansson
Actor: John Travolta
[Optional] Trying way too hard to what? That he’s not gay! via

This A- list mostly television actress who I predicted in the Tweet would win gold last night was picked up by her driver an hour early with her guest. The two of them wanted to buy some pot. The driver ended up selling it to them and then smoked with them in an abandoned Chick Fil A parking lot before dropping them off at the show.Patricia Arquette via

This A- list mostly movie actress who will be A- list at least for a few more weeks is an offspring. She has a sobriety problem and on Saturday night was spotted making out with a big time coke dealer/fake movie producer guy. Dakota Johnson "Fifty Shades of Grey" via

These two ladies, one a B-list mostly movie actress and Oscar winner/nominee who’s been on TV a lot lately the other a former A-list rocker and all around trainwreck, went into one of the bathrooms and emerged a lot more energized. Gee, I wonder what caused that? *snorts* Strange thing is, they both say they’re sober. Minnie Driver/Courtney Love "Vanity Fair Oscar Party" via

One of the major nominees last night decided to bring his girlfriend/beard after all, but after the ceremony they went to various after parties separately. She reportedly got her paycheck, $50,000. Bradley Cooper/Suki Waterhouse via

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She thinks that she would lose her fan base and trade support if she admitted that she was homosexual.


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