Sunday, February 15, 2015


While his A-/B+ list mostly movie actress wife stepped away from the cashier for a second to take a phone call, the cashier gave the husband the total price and was waiting for the husband to pay. The husband looked around and mumbled that his wife would pay. That is generally how it goes. His wife gives him just $50 a week. Cameron Diaz/Benji Madden  via

This A list reality star from that long running A list cable reality show better watch out. Her ex, who is not officially an ex tested positive for HIV during a recent physical. Considering how much unprotected sex he has, he probably left a dozen people with it too. Khlo√© Kardashian/Lamar Odom  via

NBC News suspended Brian Williams, the most-watched evening-news anchor in the U.S., from his duties as chief anchor and managing editor of "NBC Nightly News" for six months without pay in the wake of a scandal over misleading statements he made about his time covering the Iraq War in 2003. And now another scandal involving a well know TV host is about to break! "Pictures are circulating of this fool doing drugs. He has been a high functioning coke addict for years but now they have proof," a source tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. "Before Brian this might have been embarrassing and sent him to rehab, but now he could lose his entire career." The worst thing – a close friend is the one trying to sell the images! Jimmy Fallon  via

This B- list mostly television actress had her very own show even though she is really young. Legal, but young. It was a spin off thing and since it ended she has not been getting the kind of work she thought she would or that she spent for when times were good. She has already committed to spending some time on a yacht this summer which will apparently pay her more per week than she earned per season on her show. Victoria Justice "Victorious"  via

This famous pop star had a very successful world tour last year. However, traveling around the world does not necessarily mean that she is worldly or mature! Staff at one concert venue told us that our performer acted like a "disrespectful little bitch" during her visit. In the backstage area, there are framed photos on the walls of all the artists who have performed at the venue over the years. Our singer ran around writing offensive notes on each photo. For example, on a photo of Aerosmith, she wrote "Fucking cunt" across Steven Tyler’s face. No, we don’t know what kind of beef she has with Steven Tyler. Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry  via

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