Sunday, February 22, 2015


What current Oscar nominee is being indecisive on who to bring as a date to the ceremonies? On the one hand, his girlfriend/beard desperately needs a paycheck. On the other hand, he’s always been more comfortable bringing that person who’s been to more red carpets with him than his girlfriend. Bradley Cooper (Suki Waterhouse)/bringing his mother  via

I didn’t think I could dislike this guy any more than I did, but I was wrong. This still married A list celebrity/host/former actor was with some women at a club. This was in a club. Not a hotel room or home, but in a club and threw some money down on the ground and told the women it was theirs for the taking if they opened a champagne bottle inside their va jay jay. One of the women did it and then our A lister made her crawl over to him to get the money on the floor. Nick Cannon  via

At dinner the other night, this amazing actress who stars in her own television show but is having a big year in movies. Well, one in particular, said that her A list actor ex-husband never called her by her name the entire time they were together and called her a comic book name instead. She also was tied up at least once a week so he could rescue her. She laughed about it hard. Patricia Arquette/Nicolas Cage via

Yes, that was the B+/A- list mostly television actor from that very hit cable show who was at Mardi Gras this week. Throwing beads and yelling to see breasts, he would stop every few minutes to puke all over the street before starting his chant again. The guy is going to kill himself with his drinking. Norman Reedus "Walking Dead"  via

At the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary celebration, this comedian approached an actress who is starring in a popular movie. The conversation started out innocently enough but soon turned into a discussion about the unusual sexual habits of various people in the room. The actress mumbled an excuse and tried to walk away from him. He continued to follow her for a couple of minutes, asking, "What’s the matter? You can [do this] on film for millions of people to watch, but you can’t hold a simple one-on-one conversation about real people doing it? The hypocrisy! The hypocrisy!"
Actress: Dakota Johnson
Comedian: Jim Carrey  via

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