Sunday, February 8, 2015


This B list mostly movie actress might be engaged to that B list mostly television actor on a hit almost network show but she is still hooking up regularly with that married actor who was on the hugely successful cable show that is no longer. Now he walks around red carpets while he films some really bad movies.
B list actress: Nikki Reed
B list actor/show: Ian Somerhalder "Vampire Diaries"
Married actor/show: Aaron Paul "Breaking Bad"   via

This A- list mostly movie actress may or may not be married. What she is though is not being truthful. She says she lost pregnancy weight by breast feeding. Yeah, some of it. The rest she lost with two to three times a day workouts and a waist trainer while nannies watched the baby. Mila Kunis  via

There was a quiet celebration when this A list reality star/part-time model made her debut in that Middle Eastern escort magazine although she was ticked off that someone very close to her tried to hog the spotlight by also being in it. Speaking of ticked off, the bff of one of the people above was ticked off that she was not asked to be in it. If you are in it you can ask double what anyone else outside the magazine can get. Oh, and make no mistake, everyone in the magazine is for sale.
A list reality star/part-time model: Kendall Jenner
Someone very close to her: Kim Kardashian
Bff: Gigi Hadid or Selena Gomez  via

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