Sunday, March 22, 2015


This A list mostly television actress who gets paid a lot of money on her hit network show had a bad reaction to some botox and can’t close one of her eyes all the way. Apparently over time as the botox wears off she will be able to. Kaley Cuoco "Big Bang Theory" via

Apparently a little thing like being married didn’t stop this A list singer/part-time reality star from hitting on several of the celebrity women he was shooting a promo with earlier this week. He asked a couple of them to come back to his hotel room with him. If one said no he would move on to the next. Blake Shelton via

Which pint-sized soap star-turned-singer, currently on the comeback trail, has been supplementing her income by sleeping with rich Arab men for £1m a pop? Kylie Minogue  via

 This former A list tweener turned solo artist who is having a good year got into an argument with this B+ list rapper who is one of the biggest tickets in town. Apparently the tweener started talking smack about the girlfriend of the rapper. The tweener knows all of the guys she has hooked up with over the past couple of years and told the rapper he was just a number and another step on the ladder.
A list tweener: Nick Jonas
B+ list rapper: Big Sean
Rapper’s girlfriend: Ariana Grande via

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