Sunday, March 8, 2015


The goody goody Nickelodeon actress who had her own show on Nick and is not named Victoria Justice and is now trying to make it in movies or mainstream television was certainly not acting goody goody this week at a frat party. She even brought her own coke to go with the frat provided Molly. Miranda Cosgrove "iCarly"  via

This Pretty Little Liars actress not named Ashley Benson or Lucy Hale was on a recent vacation and the staff at the hotel where she was staying said she was by far the worst celebrity guest they have ever had and she was there for free and still complained non-stop and was rude to everyone and just a horrible person. They say she was in the top 5 worst guests to ever stay at this resort.Janel Parrish in Turks and Caicos  via

One of the housekeepers for this A+ list director who used to be an A+ list mostly movie actor says his girlfriend is abusing him and the housekeeper filed an elder abuse report. Clint Eastwood/Christina Sandera  via

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