Sunday, April 12, 2015


I’m not sure how stable this person is. She is an A list celebrity with A+ list name recognition worldwide. We are kind of tired of her here, but in the rest of the world where her long running syndicated show still airs, she is really well known. Apparently if you pay her enough she has a package that includes her giving you a tug during dinner because that is what she did earlier this week. This is third guy she has hooked up with in the past ten days. Pamela Anderson

I can’t decide if this is ballsy or desperate. This former A list mostly television actress from that hit ensemble show from back in the day that was rebooted with her, was at a jewelry store with her boyfriend and said he should get her something because she was ready to marry him. He probably has no idea she was having sex two weeks ago with a commercial director who keeps her busy with work.
Actress: Jennie Garth  via

Why yes, that was that former A list tweener turned fairly successful adult singer at a gay S&M club the other night while out of the country. Nick Jonas (in Germany)  via

This A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show got her start in movies. The married actress has a severe drug problem which she hides from her husband by only using at work. You have never seen someone enjoy going to work more and shows up three hours before she has to be there and stays hours later than necessary. Anna Faris (Chris Pratt)  via

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