Sunday, April 19, 2015


This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is now an A- list mostly television actor will have his franchise reborn soon on the big screen. Anyway, in an interview for a monthly magazine timed to come out when the movie is released he said that he used to date this C list celebrity who is now married to an A+ list mostly television actor. Our franchise actor said they split when he found out she was dating several older actors including himself and was trying to get all of them to marry her. He did not have very nice things to say about her.
Jeff Goldblum/"Independence Day 2"
C list celebrity: Hilaria Thomas
A+ list television actor: Alec Baldwin  via

This married former A list singer in a group and solo has been barred from being with her child alone after her drug relapse. The past few weeks have been especially troublesome and the baby daddy insists he be there or at least the nanny if she wants to see their child. Fergie/Josh Duhamel  via

There was a theft at Coachella of about $1K of coke and everyone knows who took it. This B list mostly television actress from a very hit, very long running network show. Lea Michele "Glee" or "Sarah Hyland "Modern Family" via

COACHELLA: This X Games/Olympic athlete was the joke of Coachella. Not only was he cheating on his girlfriend the entire weekend but he was a diva and was the only guy to have a bodyguard. When this A+ list director/actor saw that the athlete had a bodyguard the A+ lister called him a pussy.
Athlete: Shaun White
Director/actor: Clint Eastwood  via

COACHELLA: This former B+ list mostly movie actress turned escort/cable movie queen was jeered by men and women when she started dancing at Coachella with her top off. Apparently she thought she looked sexy, but everyone else told her to put her top back on. Plus, no one else was doing it. She was just doing it for attention. Tara Reid via

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