Sunday, May 3, 2015


This B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show says that the younger brother of the two acting brothers is better in bed. Probably because he was not staring at a mirror the whole time or taking selfies.
Actress: Emma Roberts/"American Horror Story"
Older brother: James Franco (filmed "Palo Alto" in 2013)
Younger brother: Dave Franco (filming "Nerve")

He likes to pretend he is this innocent aww shucks kind of guy. He works more than Ryan Seacrest which is saying something. He is also a huge cheater. A list. Has had a long time significant other. Our A lister goes out of town a lot. That is his prime cheating time. He has a list of four or five women that he flies in to various cities who know how to keep a secret. He also has a steady list of one night stands which are found by a reality movie actor. I think that might be the first time I have used that term before. The reality movie actor is no stranger to cheating. He cheats all the time and even broke up an A list celebrity marriage. Anyway, our A lister likes the world to think he is some straight shooter but that is so far from reality. From his very first public relationship to his most recent he has cheated in every single one of them.
A lister: Matt Damon
Reality movie star: Bam Margera (Raab Himself appeared on "Viva La Bam" says he’s Matt Damon’s nephew)
Matt and Bam appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Episode #4.319 (September 20, 2006)
A list celebrity marriage: Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey
First public relationship: Minnie Driver (dated Winona Driver, Penelope Cruz, Claire Danes, Eva Mendes, Rhona Mitra (actress), Odessa Whitmire (personal assistant to Billy Bob Thornton and, later, Ben Affleck)  via

For the second time in as many months, this former A list tweener actress who got her start on television before making millions in every kind of product she could sell and now makes tens of millions of dollars every year in a side business, had what she refers to as a cleanse. Basically it means she goes on a five day drug bender and does not emerge from her house until all the drugs are gone. She used to do this once a year. She is now doing it once a month. Mary-Kate Olsen  via

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