Sunday, May 10, 2015


This Golden Globe winning actor is on a hit network comedy. He is actually the star. He is also a big fan of helping feed the poor. In order to get more volunteers he started organizing a party two years ago for the place he volunteers At the time there were ten and the place needed about 50. He tried to make it as fun as possible and spared no expense. It is not only for the volunteers, but also for the homeless and people who eat where he volunteers. Well, the parties have been such a hit there is a waiting list now to volunteer just because people want to go to the party. So, now he has expanded the program and footing the bill to other places that feed the poor and homeless. Jim Parsons "The Big Bang Theory" (New York Rescue Mission) via

They haven’t hooked up in a long time, but apparently things are now back on between this A+ list rapper/mogul and our favorite foreign born B list singer/part-time actress. Boyfriend be damned if she can revive her music career thanks to the mogul. Rita Ora (Ricky Hil)/Jay-Z via

At a party last night, this former B list mostly television actor from a hit network show that he got booted off before it ended its run, has had trouble getting work. He was doing coke last night with what my spy said was a blonde Disney star. The spy didn’t know the show but says the actress could not have been more than 15 or 16 despite being dressed to look 30.
B list actor: Mark Salling
Show: "Glee"
Disney star: Sabrina Carpenter
Show: "Girl Meets World"
Event: NYLON Young Hollywood Party

This A list mostly movie actress who can never completely shed her iconic television role is in a quandary. She needs surgery on her nose from her years of cocaine abuse but is scared about being put under. She needs the surgery and is contemplating other methods. She had a scary experience when she was put under for a breast lift and since then just won’t do it. Jennifer Aniston  via

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