Sunday, June 14, 2015


This very famous actress is just coming off another round of plasticizing herself. We didn’t think it was possible for her to get any more mannequin-like… but she’s done it! We don’t know why she has to mess with her look. When she burst onto the scene years ago in that zany movie in the 1980s, she was so naturally beautiful, yet she keeps returning to the knife and the needle like she’s addicted to them. Isn’t having one addict in the family enough? Nicole Kidman ("Dead Calm")/Keith Urban  via

This foreign born actress who is probably C list but has B+ list name recognition or even higher if you read the tabloids, has traded one form of escorting for another. The only difference is that instead of having to jet to other countries, she can do most of it in the US now. Oh, and she has to have sex with her A list benefactor who pays her directly a monthly stipend and then loans her out to his business partners and potential future partners.
Actress: Sophie Monk
Benefactor: Clint Eastwood  via

This A list mostly movie actor who recently saw his return to television end which means he will actually have to go back to the movie world where he has not had much luck. Anyway, our married actor has been trolling for Instagram models and is telling them he is working on a new app and wants their help. For sure he has met with one of the models who was texting the actor and exchanging naked photos. Well, she sent him some and he did not return the favor. They met in an office but there were no employees. It was a desk and a pull out couch which the actor pulled out for their meeting. Ashton Kutcher  via

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