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Very quietly this former B+ list mostly movie actress who now works rarely after being a jinx to most television shows on which she is cast, has resumed her former career. A few nights a week, after her kids from her A list ex are put to bed she makes an outcall to a rotating group of 3 or 4 men who can afford her very inflated prices. She will also take being cast in a main role on a television show as return for payment. Denise Richards (Charlie Sheen)  via

This funny guy is just the gossip gift that keeps on giving! We’ve told you before that his devoted family guy act is totally fake. Well, let’s talk about what he was doing on a very recent night. Of course, he wasn’t home having dinner with his wife and reading his kid/s a bedtime story. When he arrived at the bar in this large city, it was after midnight, and he was already a combination of very drunk and very jumpy. He had no intention of slowing down, though. He spent a couple of hours at the bar, drinking and singing along to the jukebox. He was not alone. A bodyguard was with him, keeping a watchful eye out for anyone who might try to take an incriminating photo of him. At some point, our funny guy took a little trip to the bathroom… where he openly proceeded to pour out a bump of cocaine onto the side of his fist and snort it! There were a couple of other men inside the bathroom at the time, witnessing all this. "[He] didn’t even seem to care that there were people there watching him do this. That’s how fucked up he was. One of the guys took out his phone to snap a pic, but the bodyguard immediately grabbed the phone and pushed the guy out of the bathroom. The guy was pounding on the door trying to get his phone back, but the bodyguard was holding the door closed, scrolling through the phone, deleting shit. When [the bodyguard] was done, he opened the door and just threw the phone at the guy. [Funny Guy] didn’t even seem to notice that this was happening. It’s like 3:00 am on a weeknight in a bathroom in a bar in [city], and this famous guy is drunk and coked up to the point where he can’t even stand up and doesn’t care about anything that’s going on around him. [He] just kept doing bumps and wiping his nose and jawing and singing to himself and stumbling all over the place." Gosh, when a person is that completely wasted like that, they need to be really careful… or they could wind up injuring themselves. Jimmy Fallon  via

#1 -This B list mostly television actress from a recently ended network television show has always been the biggest diva. Well, what that meant when this tweener actress turned singer turned actress showed up on set is a war. No one can get anything done on the set because the two are always trying to out diva the other.
B list actress: Lea Michele
Ended show: "Glee"
Tweener: Ariana Grande
Show: "Scream Queens" via

What A/B-list former singer/reality star/sometime actress with a lucrative side business is not only spending money on drugs but also on more plastic surgery? She was spotted out at lunch with some friends sporting plumper lips and a heavily botoxed face. And I thought she just stopped with the boobs… so far she’s had more work done this year than at any other point in her career.Jessica Simpson  via

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